LISA Training

Safety provisioning system

Interactive safety briefings and trainings. Visitor access control, management of visitors invitations, validation of personal documents, issuance of access cards, generation and printing of OSH protocols and documents.

Automation and management of OSH briefings and trainings

Fully automated safety briefings through interactive devices and intelligent processes. Automatic generation of instruction book with all the necessary attributes.

Manage visitors, employees, data and processes

Strict control of visitor data, as well as provisioning of a wide range of records and inquiries

Manage invitations for individual or group visitors

Access control and invitation management for external visitors and companies. Ability to process gathered data with a wide range of automated tools.

Basic features of the system

Interactive safety briefings and trainings

Areas of Application

LISA Training is suitable for industrial enterprises as well as service providers requiring visitor access control, invitations, training and OSH briefings.

Heavy Industry

Factories and heavy industrial enterprises

Light Industry

Factories and light industrial enterprises

Food Processing

Enterprises with strict access control in the food industry

Enterprise Buildings and Establishments

Enterprise buildings with active visitor management

Banks and Financial Institutions

Institutions in the financial sector with active visitor and employee control

Government Institutions

Government institutions requiring visitor access and briefings as well as invitations

Hospitals and Healthcare

Healthcare service providers requiring strict control and compliance with visitor rules

Cultural Institutions

Museums and cultural institutions for which the safety and education of visitors is an important factor

Education and Science

Universities, schools and various education facilities that control the access and instruction of any external visitor

LISA is used by:

LISA used by:

Main features of the system

Automated briefings for individuals and groups

Interactive exams in the form of test

Multilingual support (support for up to 5 by clients' request)

Generation of instruction/OSH and activity reports

Dynamic configuration of automated processes

Software applications for tablets, KIOSKs and desktop computers

Invitations and notifications

Create and manage individual and group invitations

Electronic notifications to visitors and operators in the system

Automated validation of personal documents

Strict control of visitor and employee access areas

Access card printing and programming

Blacklisting of visitors and employees

Technical Features

Integration with Active Directory

Integration with corporate security systems

Data protection and compliance with regulatory requirements

Integration with ID and passport scanners, card readers and digital signature tablets

Support for multi-level accounts with individual rights definition

Export data in Excel, Word and PDF file formats

Frequently Asked Questions

LISA provides extended integration options for access control systems, security systems, as well as Active Directory. The integration ensures the implementation of a complete methodology for the distribution and processing of information.

LISA provides customization options for customer information, logos and printing of forms with individual customer information.

The system meets the high requirements for information security, as well as encryption of the overall connection between the individual components of the system. LISA handles innovative approaches to data transfer and storage.

The system has different models for the collection of sensitive information and is adjusted according to the needs of the specific client.

The licensing policy of the system allows the provision of a personalized price for each customer, based on his needs, the required modules and the support options.

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LISA - The system that provides security

Strict control of visitor access, management of visitor invitations, expected visitors, OSH briefings, trainings, document validation, access cards, OSH protocols and documents, security management, etc. LISA provides a wide range of functionalities and capabilities, providing the ability to enter information and manage processes with minimal human intervention.

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